Evolution and Cell phones


Unable to eat without Cell phone


Unable to walk with out cell phone

Evolution and Cell Phones

By David Bebo

Darwin is right! Evolution is happening right before our eyes. The human body has a new extremity and it’s called the cell phone.

Cell phone technology is increasing rapidly and with talkers, texters, web-browsers and angry bird fanatics that are unable to put their devices down, it is no wonder that the cell phone is the latest appendage of the homo-sapiens.

Emma Hurst, one of the first to go through this evolutionary process, says that her cell phone is her life.

With its endless capabilities and speed faster than thought, it’s only natural that humans would eventually succumb to become dependents of these powerful machines.

“I would literally die if I didn’t know where my cell phone was. It is one of the most important things I have,” said Hurst.

Because evolution is a process, not everyone has mutated. Many people use their cell phone as a tool for navigating or calculating. The cell phone has not yet become a working organ for the user, but is well on its way.

“Besides talking and texting I really just use my cell phone for work things like email and such,” said Justin Shotwell, a specimen currently evolving.

The cell phone has many practical uses, but its full evolutionary potential isn’t reached until it has to be surgically removed from the user’s hand.

The new addition to the body has caused problems. The human race is going to have to find a solution to driving, walking and many other amenities that may prohibit the utilization of this sacred device.

Unfortunately the natural selection has not been so kind to some. Jayson Nix, one of the few left behind in this evolutionary process, still just uses his phone for talking and the occasional text message.

“My phone is a phone and that’s all I use it for,” said Nix.

Only time will tell if this is the next step for the human race.

We can only speculate that in the future, children will be taught in history class of a time when humans had to figure things out for themselves.

Are you addicted to your phone?


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